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Weight Loss & Suppliments


We at The Moto District believe in good health!  End winter with a change in not just the weather but in how you feel in your own body.  Make some changes, start small and stick with them, when you feel solid on the first small change add another always keeping your eye on the end goal - is it to have more energy, feel better in your jeans while running up and down the track to keep an eye on your rider or to lose that stubborn 20 pounds that crept on so slowly you don't exactly even know how or when it happened?  Load up your iphone or ipod with your favorite music and start walking, just move and make it a habit.  Once you've got that down start getting on your food, 80% of weight loss is in the kitchen not at the gym.  Our favorite food log app is LoseIt!  This app makes it super easy and fast to log your food every day and it really opens your eyes to how easily you can be going over your daily recommended calorie intake (check with your doctor on what your recommended calorie intake should be) and it also syncs with your other fitness apps; seemlessly recording your exercise and automatically giving you extra calories on the days you put the extra work in (that's motivation enough for us!).  We use advocare to enhance our health even more and are independant distributors to make these products available to you as well as all our other great products to make you both feel and look good.  

Wishing you the very best in health in 2017, we've got to be healthy to keep up with this busy motocross lifestyle!

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Mom Socks LLC


Some may notice.  Some may not.  However, we package every order with love, and careful attention to detail and orders over $20 normally always have something extra tucked into the package, as our way of thanking you.  We've been doing this for over 7 years, although noone ever mentions how quickly they got their package [...]

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Created for your comfort all weekend long

We created this baseball tee for your comfort all weekend long - these are so soft and moms were loving them all weekend long at the Season Opener for Pacific Racing Organization Round 1 and 2 in Richland, WA.  The ladies cut, premium tri-blend materials are two color options make this a flattering tee on [...]

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Season Opener this weekend in Eastern Washington

We consider it a privilege to be a sponsor and a part of Pacific Racing Organization's Northwest MX Series again this year.  This weekend, the first weekend of March marks the season opener and we're headed that way, so stop by and pick up some great new Moto District Moto Mom items, Fox MX Riding [...]

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So soft you'll want to sleep in it

Our new 3/4 Sleeve Ladies Raglan is available in two color options (Light Gray/White and Black/Dark Gray) and a true ladies cut designed to fit mama's with curves. The tri-blend premium fabric blend gives this shirt a softness and drape you'll love, it's so soft you'll could sleep in it.  Printed in the US with [...]

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Cherish those children with all your might...

It is our goal with our line of products to help you show your child how much you support them.  All moms are proud of their kids in each sport they participate in, and we support moms who cherish their children at all levels of sports, and have created this apparel line for moms like [...]

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Keeping Warm in the Chilly Mornings at Comp Edge with Moto District Moto Mom Bleacher Blanket

Moto Mom Tricia spent some of her Christmas Break at Comp Edge in California, escaping the rain in Portland OR / Vancouver WA and tells us it was Chilly in the mornings and is grateful for her Moto District Moto Mom Bleacher Blanket, in fact, she tells us her husband and son like it too!  [...]

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Photo Contest

We know many of you received new Moto District Moto Mom socks and blankets, hoodies and decals for Christmas and we want to see your photo's!  Email in your photos (only entries received thru Email will be entered into contest) to info@themotodistrict.com and include your first and last name and mailing address where we can [...]

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