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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  As the Christmas trees come down, ornaments are packed carefully away, lights are re-wound and sealed up in boxes with hopes they'll actually work again next year and your home is put back into order we want to wish you a very happy new year!  We wish you a very happy new start to a whole new season filled with adventures awaiting, hills to be climbed, trophy's to be won and lots of hard work to make it all possible.  Nutrition, exercise and being involved in your community, whether it's church, your track family, or your local Barre 3 class, get out there, try something new and stay involved - trust us, it does your heart a world of good!  We're thinking ahead to Valentines day and filling our homes with heart garlands and vases with freshly potted PaperWhites for a breath of fresh air and the colors of Hope.  Take care of your hearts dear friends, don't isolate  yourselves as winter presses on, there's so much out there waiting for you - Warmly, Kellie

(Image Real Simple)

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