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Our Exclusive Moto Mom Bleacher Blanket Limited Supply


Our exclusive Moto Mom Bleacher Blanket is the final product of owner Kellie's vision and dream after 5 years of searching for just the mill to product these here in the US and to provide motocross moms with a premium high quality extra heavy and warm thick blanket with our unique moto mom design which started in 2009 trackside in the NW.  After finalizing the design and quallity control working hand in hand with the 60 year old mill, we got the delightful news that for the first time in anyones recent memory, our blanket produced no waste, which is unheard of in their industry - but to Kellie, that showed the Lords hand was on this project from beginning to end.  We hope you enjoy these luxury blankets trackside and enjoy the warmth and cheer that only comes from a very special blanket designed for very special motocross moms who stand in the bleachers and along fence lines freezing cold and holding our breath until our riders cross the finish line.  Blanket let are in limited supply, so don't delay in ordering one to ensure you get one before they are gone forever. 

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